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All models now feature improved overall quality, appearance, accuracy and performance. 
These Tech Force Airguns now come with a ninety-day limited warranty.
New! Tech Force 66 Tactical Air Gun 
(magazine fed repeater using lead BB's or special .177 pellets) 

Another unique design to the Tech Force product line of fine air guns. The TF66 is a tactical air gun that fits in its own briefcase (included) assembles in seconds by simply attaching the barrel group to the receiver with a hand turned knurled nut...and it shootes either BB's or special pellets from a ten-round magazine. Regular .177 pellets can be fired in single shot mode. The TF66 is equipped with a high powered scope which is attached to the barrel so it retains its superb preset accuracy. To use the TF66 as a repeater, just cock the piston spring-powered air gun with the side lever, drop in a loaded clip of lead BBs or special pellets, and fire up to ten rounds by simply cocking the rifle and pulling the trigger. Pellets can achieve a velocity of 750 FPS, plus outstanding accuracy. Use only lead BB's (not steel) in this repeater; ask  for information on special pellets for use in the magazine when using the TF66 as a repeater.
Item TF66 — .177 Cal. 750 FPS $139.95
Item TF66-B — 500 rounds of lead BBs $6.95
Item TF66-P — 400 rounds of special .177 pellets $5.95   Item TF66-CLIP — (2) Extra Clips $5.95

Tech Force 89 — IMPROVED
Now comes with a built-in scope stop, extended front grip for easy handling and improved scope rail. Introducing the new Tech Force 89 the most innovative new design in Air Rifle technology in this decade. It is a side-lever spring piston gun in a true bullpup configuration the likes of which has never been produced before. “The coolness quotient of this small airgun is off the high end of the scale” and its performance equals its style. Features extending butt plate to fit any shooter, 600 FPS, .177 cal., overall length 25”. It is a must for everyone that likes air guns.
Item TF89 $89.00

Tech Force 89 Combo — NEW
With Tech Force 3-7 Power x 20 Scope.
Item TF89C — .177 Cal. $99.95
($169.95 purchased separately)


Tactical Air Rifles
Tech Force 6 —
Paratrooper style folding stock with side lever cocking action. Use as a rifle or as a very high power pistol in the folded position. Grooved for a scope. All metal construction. Overall length in open position 35.5”. Overall length in folded position 26.5”, weight 6 lbs.
Item TF6 — .177 Cal. 800 FPS $69.95
New! Tech Force 51 — 
The new Tech Force 51 is a rugged AK-style air rifle with a folding stock. The stock is a folding hinge design that folds flat and offers a slim profile as well as plenty of strength. The TF51 cocks using a barrel spring action and it comes with a large pistol grip that's easy for anyone to hold. Also included in the design are an automatic safety, adjustable sights, an attractive hardwood stock and an attractive blued finish. Length 36”, folded 27”, barrel length 14”, weight 6 lbs.
Item TF51 — .177 cal., 500 FPS $69.95
Tech Force 41 — 
This rifle is the improved version of the TS-45, Chinese military training rifle which has long been noted for its power and accuracy. Featuring a hardwood Monte Carlo stock, side lever cocking action, breech lock, trigger safety, and a receiver grooved for scope mounting, this rifle is a very popular and proven performer. Length 40.5”, weight 7.2 lbs.
Item TF41 — .177 Cal. 800 FPS $59.95

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